The Team

Get to know the people behind Cepri.


Lucas Hartmann

Master of Science - Biology


Marcel Dear

Master of Science - Biology

The idea

The "Cepri" concept

In 2017, the founders Lucas & Marcel made the decision to found a sustainable company in the biotechnology sector during their studies. In the beginning there were a lot of ideas and one of them sparked the curiosity of the two ... insects.
Large-scale insect breeding could bring about the needed turnaround in the use of our limited resources. With this in mind, the two founders set out to find insects that were up to the task. So you finally came across the mealworm, the larval form of the meal beetle Tenebrio molitor. The meal beetle, like many insects, brings clear advantages in its rearing compared to conventional meat production. In relation to the same amount of protein as a cattle, meal beetles only use a fraction of the resources such as water, land, food and emit up to 200 times less greenhouse gases.