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Can I become an insect farmer?

In principle, anyone can become an insect farmer. If you are enthusiastic about this topic and need start-up help, you are welcome to contact us using our contact form.

How much do I have to produce in order to be economical?

The prices for insect meal are currently already in the low single-digit euro range. In order to set up an economical insect farm from a financial and customer perspective, a minimum of double-digit tons (live insects) must be produced per month as a guide. Furthermore, the production should be automated as far as possible in order to keep the manufacturing costs as low as possible.

How can I invest in your start-up?

For investment opportunities, please contact us directly.

Can a Insect farm be purchased directly from you?

We offer technology specifically for reproduction. This can easily be integrated into manual or automated insect farms of any size.

But, we do not produce finished insect farms. The insect farms have to be specially planned and implemented for each customer in order to be able to take into account all conditions on site at a customer such as space, annual climate, regulations (depending on the state or federal state), etc.

How much does it cost me to set up an insect farm?

The cost of an insect farm depends on many factors, including:

· Existing infrastructure

· Planned output

· Planned degree of automation

In order to be able to generate competitive resources, investments in the single-digit to low double-digit millions are required.

Which insect species does Cepri specialize in?

We specialize in the darkling beetle Tenebrio molitor whose larva, the mealworm, is used to produce other products. In the future we plan to add more insect species to the portfolio.

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